How did that happen?

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We are cat people. We have two adult cats that have called us their people for about 7 and 4 years, respectively. They mostly reside outdoors, except on the coldest days of winter when they’ll slip in and sleep under … Read More

Another heartbreak…..

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After successfully introducing our newest little kitten to the household just over a week ago, on Thursday evening his bigger adopted “brother”, Diego, went out about 7:00pm and didn’t come home, like he usually does about 9:00pm. Now we’re pretty … Read More

Another feline in the family…..

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After our 10 month old female feline, Dora, disappeared a few weeks ago, her brother, Diego, seemed lonely. Our two older outdoor cats would come and go and basically ignore him. He’d wander around the house, at times seeming to … Read More

Waiting for word…..

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Wednesday morning, while Bill was out of town on business with our son, I stopped by a friend’s house to pick something up on my way to work. While I was on her porch Bill called on the cell phone … Read More

A household amiss….

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The cats, all four of them, have sensed the change in our household since Abby’s departure Friday morning. We’ve put away her beds and gathered up her snacks and toys. But it’s more than that. One of our older cats, … Read More

Saying goodbye…..

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Last night was a long night for my husband and me. Our little 15 year old mixed terrier mutt, who’s been declining for the last year, awakened us shortly after midnight in great distress. She was obviously in pain. We … Read More

Doggie update…

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Ginger and JJ returned home with their family when all were reunited. A week later they were back again when the family was reported and fined for having pets in their apartment. So…. they came back again to our house … Read More