Going home……

My goodness! Where did the last month go? I know that a significant number of hours in the last thirty or so days have been passed in the pleasant duty of keeping the two youngest of our five grandchildren. They have been regulars in our home as they (and their parents) were “in transit” between the old home, sold a while back, and the new home being built for them. Recently, I delivered the two of them to their new home with much excitement all around. When we left my house for the roughtly five hour drive, the oldest (4) began to give me a town by town recitation of our route, up to and including the name of the new neighborhood within the larger metropolitan area in which she resides. With the passing of each town, she repeated her recitation….”now we have to go through……..and ……. and…….and ……. and then we get to…….. and my new house!” As we reached the metro area, with only the trek to her neighborhood remaining, she could hardly contain her excitement. Though she had only visited the new house a few times over the months of construction, she had a good idea of what awaited her. She’d been told all about the things that the new home would offer.

As I think about our trek here on earth, how much excitement do we have about our ultimate ‘home’ destination? I want to have the excitement that I heard in that 4 year old voice!

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