Be Transformed By the Renewing of Your Mind

“Lost Connections”, by Johann Hari, examines 9 causes of depression and anxiety and details other solutions besides simply medications. It turns out intimate, accountable community is one of the primary solutions….Imagine that! Interdependence is the relationship pattern ordained by Christ through the church. This past week I asked three Titus 2 students who had been prescribed anti-anxiety meds prior to coming to Titus 2 if they were still experiencing the symptoms now that they are settled, safe, making friends, experiencing closeness with God, and understanding themselves and their circumstances better. All of them are off anti-anxiolytics since shortly after coming into Titus 2 and all three said they are free of anxiety symptoms. Achieving emotional literacy and improving emotional management, growing in Christian community, and learning self-care and life skills changes the dynamics of mental health. The solution lies in lifestyle changes and thinking critically about one’s worldview.