Spring returning…..

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In the last two weeks I’ve noticed the signs of the season…..several blooming trees in my own and my neighbors’ yards, the emerging green on brown branches, the red maples’ firey early explosion, bulbs rising out of flower beds, and robins all around. After months of cold weather and cold viruses, I’m ready for it.

A garden patch was tilled at our women’s shelter site on Friday. Now we’ve got to get the seeds in the rows. I’m not exactly a green-thumbed horticulturalist, but I have had a few gardens through the years. This year, I hope, will be one of them.

The photo here is my swing in the backyard, overlooking the lake. It’s one of my favorite late afternoon spots when the weather permits.

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  1. disciplerofself
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    No, we had it built by a contractor the first summer we were here. It’s a delightful spot!

  2. Laura
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    love the swing and arbor. did bill build it for you?

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