Happy Birthday, Baby Girl……

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Thirty one years ago tonight I was giving birth to my second child, a girl. I can remember much about that night. There is one moment in particular when the doctor shouted, “Get in here stat, the heart rate’s going.” Detached as I was, with medication, I didn’t realize the danger that my baby was in. I simply thought, “so this is what it feels like to die,” thinking that it was my heart he was talking about. When they delivered her, it seemed to take a while before I heard a lusty cry. Then I asked what her Apgar score was. “A good 8 or 9,” I was told. It would be what seemed like several hours before my husband and I would see or hold her, since she was immediately whisked into the nursery for care and monitoring, having had the umbilical cord around her neck as she was being delivered.

Today she is a beautiful wife and mother of two, herself. How blessed I have been to mother her! How blessed I am to know her! How blessed……..indeed!

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