Parallel processing…..

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Some time ago I heard this phrase and it resonated in my thinking immediately. Many of us have heard and used the phrase multi-tasking until it is tired and worn out. Parallel processing, on the other hand, suggests a technological advance for those of us accustomed to doing more than one thing at once. “Parallel” suggests we’re doing them all in a fashion that has them lined up and moving in the same direction (hopefully forward!) and “processing” implies that we are actually accomplishing something by the effort. To me it just sounds more efficient and organized than ‘multi-tasking’. When I have used the phrase in conversation with others they, too, seem to instinctively find it more comfortable and identifiable as a desirable mode than “multi-tasking”. Of course, it could also be interpreted as two people side by side doing essentially the same job, as on adjacent assembly lines.
Perhaps we’re too much affected by computer science these days. Even the way we think about our own thoughts and behaviors has become identified with, or tainted by, computer terminology.
Today I was talking with a friend about another person who’d expressed concern about the risk of Alzheimer’s. It’s something most of us now have some experience with, as more and more family members and friends are experiencing someone with it among their acquaintances. I pray that my mind will remain coherent until the end of my life. Though I’m told that when your mind goes, you really aren’t even aware of it so it’s not a terribly discomfiting state of being. I find that rather incredible. I guess more than anything, I pray that God will give me (and my children and husband) the grace to endure whatever my latter years bring.
It’s time to shut down for the night and put the processor on defrag.

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