Taking Tests…..

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Today I remembered something I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. Years ago I was interviewing for a rather coveted job in sales career ambitions. At the interview I was asked to take a personality inventory, which I did. The next day I received a call and was asked to retake the test, that the results had been “ambiguous”…..?????? “How does one have an ambiguous personality inventory?”, I wondered. So I took it again. I then got another call and was told by t…he interviewing manager that the HR person had told him after the first “ambiguous” results that I was either under a tremendous amount of stress which made my test results indecipherable or I was one of the most self-aware and self-actualized individuals she’d ever tested. I got the job…..and continued it for quite a few years. LOL! Guess I fooled ’em, huh? Just shows that one has only to be adept at taking tests.

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