Answered prayers…..

My consult with a retinal specialist was moved up to yesterday. My 4 1/2 year old grandson had prayed with his parents and sisters and had been led by God to ask that this would be “just a spot, not a sickness.” Thankfully, his prayers (and those of many others) have been answered. I feel blessed to have had so many people lifting me up in prayer. It was a great support. What a privilege to join in bearing one another’s burdens that way!

Today I was privileged to serve on a prayer team for a women’s retreat, to be in a prepared room for the express purpose of praying with attendees who desired someone to pray with them. Where my burden had been the focus of prayers the day before, today I was allowed to share in bringing the focus of prayer to bear on the burdens others were bearing. God enabled me to be part of His means of grace in providing comfort and reassurance, just as I had received it myself.

“Blessed, to be a blessing”. Today I experienced the truth of that expression.