God Is…….

There is an vastness to God that invites us continually to come near and know him better.  It is one of the things that delights me…..that there will always be more to know of God.

However, as I have discipled others there are some basics that seem to present themselves as most necessary to a foundation of knowing God.

They are:

–  That God is.  He is present

  •   That God is Good.  All that he does will ultimately prove to have been in our best interest.

  •   That God is Sovereign.  His Sovereignty is absolute, but he will never violate his Goodness by exercising it in a way that harms us.

  •   That God is Personal.  He knows and cares for each of us individually and desires intimate relationship with each person.


If one can grasp and believe these, then it will provide a basis for loving God and desiring to know all the other aspects of his character and conduct.