Consider the sparrow…..

Recently I was reading a review of a book, A Thousand Sparrows, about the experience of Jeff Leeland who, while working in a school in Seattle, saw children in the school where he taught come together to assist his son and family through a life threatening illness. Leeland has helped found a national charitable organization, Sparrow Clubs USA, to organize other school children to be a force for good for children in medical crises. The organization’s website says:

“Sparrow Clubs USA is a national non-profit organization of school-based clubs that assist children in medical crisis. Through community service and fundraising projects, Sparrow Clubs support children who have either life threatening illnesses or chronic disabilities and whose families face financial hardship because of it. Individual schools and youth groups are paired with a qualified local child, often a classmate, who is facing a medical crisis. Sparrow Clubs offers young people a way to aid one another. “

Why “sparrow” clubs? Leeland explains: “Most of us fly unnoticed beneath the radar of worldly importance. All of us – especially young people- struggle at times with feelings of purposelessness, powerlessness, and insignificance. But Jesus says that the Author of all life doesn’t let any of His creation go unnoticed – not even a tiny sparrow. He sees our hurts and offers healing and hope to every outstretched hand.”

Are you feeling like a sparrow- powerless and insignifcant. Remember that God’s eye is on even the tiny, solitary sparrow. (Matthew 6:26)