People Can Change!

People do change! Maybe not always quickly, but eventually…I had gotten a call last week from a former student from several years ago who had completed all her work, gotten an associates degree while with us and had moved on with her life. The last time I heard from her a couple of years ago she was in jail again, but I had to tell her family we couldn’t take her back again. She asked me to meet her for lunch. She said it had taken her weeks to get up the courage to call me, but she wanted to apologize for being a brat! Lol! It made me laugh. That would be putting it mildly! Her life trusting in the Lord has completely transformed her. It was a nice visit.

Today I got an unexpected call from another young lady who had come to us at 18 under difficult circumstances about 5 years ago. I had not heard from her in 4 years, since she left. She called to give me an update on her life and tell me about some plans she is making. She had gotten her GED while with us. She apologized for being a “wildcat”!

Every time I I wonder if what we do makes a difference long term, God reminds me again we are only responsible to continue to be faithful to what we are called to do. He does the work in their hearts according to his time and purpose.