This is a test…..

When people change their email addresses or change service providers, they may send out a “test” message. They want to make sure that their messages are coming through, that they are still connected to others. The perception of the internet seems to be that it is such an immediate and intimate form of communication……but is it really?

Here in the blog world some of the posters put a gadget on their page entitled “followers” to show who among their online network visits their blog. I’ve put that gadget on my weblog a few times for days or weeks at the time. Only one person has logged in as a follower of disciplerofself in the four years I’ve been blogging, although one out-of-state writer who happened upon my blog posted disciplerofself as a link from her blog. After browsing around other people’s blogs, mostly among my church friends, and noticing a dozen or more “followers” on some, I decided to take it off mine. I decided it’s embarrassing to announce to anyone who might happen by that my blog has only one follower, and besides, I don’t post for other people anyway. Although it has been nice the few times that someone has read something here and commented on it or started a conversation later about the topic. For the last four years it’s been a personal thing, giving voice to some things that are important or interesting to me. I used to journal everything in hardbound journal notebooks, but if I wanted to find something later, it was so difficult to find it in my bound journals. Having them posted online makes finding them later so much easier, especially with the convenience of sorting by “labels”! So there you have it. This weblog is my personal catalog of thoughts and musings, mostly for my own amusement and use. It’s not intended to be a means of “connecting” with others. I’d rather do that face to face and with give and take!

So if you’ve happened by here and found something worth spending a few minutes on, I’m glad. But I’d really be happy if you’d give me a call, meet me for coffee, greet me and converse in the hall at church, or stop by the house sometime when you’re out our way!