A notable day…..

Today was a beautiful fall Sunday. It was cool enough to make being outside pleasant. After a morning of worship and study at church, we watched football for a while and I read between plays. Later, Bill sat outside watching two of our cats frolic and chase one another around the yard while I gathered up sticks, moss, and weeds that had been strewn about by recent wind and rain. He observed that if I did that much casual cleaning up around the yard everyday, I’d have it in ship shape in a month or so! Unfortunately, I rarely have that kind of time more often than a few times a month or so.

We ended the day with a supper of leftover beef stew cooked earlier in the week and talking about plans to add on to our house. I noticed how contented and comfortable we both seemed at the end of the day.

I want to remember this day, the feeling that it engendered…..contentment. Our pastor has been heard to say that each of us is either entering a crisis, in the midst of a crisis, or coming out of a crisis at any given time. Just for today we seemed to have a respite from all of that. It was just a quiet, uneventful, uncomplicated, peaceful day….something to be cherished and remembered.