God Must Enjoy Banana Bread With Pecans, Too!

From the ecstasy of victory to the agony of defeat…..I had posted about last night’s roast. After dinner I mixed up two batches of banana bread and popped the loaf pans in the oven, having preheated the oven, and noted the time. I then set about doing some laundry and came back in a bit to finish cleaning the kitchen.

I did not think about those loaf pans again……until 4pm this afternoon when I went to unload last night’s dishwasher load and reload it. Suddenly I looked at the mixing bowl coming out of the dishwasher and thought…THE BANANA BREAD! I dashed to the oven…which was off and there were the two loaves. But instead of being burnt to a crisp (the smell of which might have stirred Bill from TV viewing and website plinking to turn it off), they were only about 2/3 baked! What happened??? Bill didn’t even know about them. I had gone to the bedroom, forgotten them and gone to bed. All I can figure is that I accidentally turned the oven off while cleaning up the kitchen about 35 minutes into the hour-long baking time without realizing it. Which one could understand since my oven has touch pad controls and the cancel pad is very conspicuously located in a place that I could have wiped clean without realizing I’d turned it off.

I’ve never been a microwave baker, but I was not about to dump any of this banana bread considering how many pecans I had poured into the batter! So I carefully sliced a piece, eased it to a plate with knife and spoon and microwaved it for 2 minutes,,,,,just to see what it would do. To my utter amazement, it finished cooking perfectly…..though not as pretty as a perfectly baked and pristinely sliced piece with a neat slice of butter on top I had expected when I started the process. So, I’m claiming God’s favor over banana nut bread, as he knew I was going to forget and go to bed so he had me just accidentally turn it off 3/4 through so I could salvage it this afternoon just in time for an indulgent afternoon treat!