When Values and Virtues Clash

Many have assumed that since the Dobbs case challenge and decision to return regulation of abortion to states that the issue is resolved. It is not. There are efforts to “enshrine the right to abortion”, with no limitations, into the US legal code through federal legislation.

“Enshrining” abortion in the legal code of our nation……. One might as well raise up Asherah poles and order worship of Moloch and Baal across the land……. There will be serious consequences for our nation.
Such an abomination leaves the US with no moral authority to critique any nation’s persecution, genocide, or abuse of human rights.

Civilized nations across the globe have reasonable restrictions on abortion that do NOT include late-term, up-to-the-time-of-birth abortions.

A healthcare professional friend of mine observed this:
“Animals are elevated above human babies. Volvo will no longer use leather in their autos but abortion clinics sell infant remains (for cell lines used in vaccines and transplantation and who knows what else).”

I have to admit that I was pro-choice in my young years, a product of the sixties’ feminist cultural revolution. I haven’t had an abortion but I had no problem with anyone doing as they wished….. until I married a staunchly pro-life man. He and I had some serious disagreement over that issue for quite a few years. ….until we had children ourselves and both of us made serious commitments to live according to our Christian roots and made decisions to obey the Lord’s Word in all our lives.

My heart and mind were profoundly changed by God…. not Bill. It surprised Bill as much as it did me when it happened. I have been further refined in accordance with the Word over the decades and continue to be pruned regularly.

I appreciate anyone’s right to disagree with me on any matter and I continue to love and fellowship with those who believe differently from me. We are all free to set our boundaries, to determine our non-negotiable beliefs. Mine arise out of my respect for the science of human development, my understanding of the character of God and the sanctity of life, His revealed will in His Word, through His Incarnation in Jesus Christ, by His Holy Spirit at work within my spirit, soul, and body, and through my study of Christian tradition and from my own experience with God.

When one has invested in relationship with Christ in study, prayer, surrender to refining by the Spirit, admonishment and correction in accountable confessional community, and humbled by many mistakes and poor decisions, there is an appreciation for God’s mercy, patience, and His call to seek righteousness. It results in an ever-increasing love of God and desire to honor him with obedience. Gratitude rises up and one seeks to serve God and God’s people for the sake of seeing His will done on earth as it is in heaven….(CBB 9/24/22)