Culture of Violence

From post on July 30, 2020….in observing “the summer of love” among “mostly peaceful protestors”….


Whoa…… now here’s a racist conspiracy theory quote if I ever saw one: read in an article about black violence in Chicago…..

“..blacks killing blacks. So what? What is that to whitey?”

You’d almost think someone might think they feel they’ve been ghettoized into urban death traps by state or federal government administrations with no means of escape for just that purpose? To kill each other? Looking at the city and state and media lack of concern or response to the violence in Chicago and in some other metro areas elsewhere and how quickly they can be turned into ready-rioters on a moment’s notice I’m not sure they aren’t on to something. These aren’t sanctuary cities, they are holding tanks for throw a way populations that can be used for riot fodder, it appears, to be turned loose on society if needed for a quick distraction. Disgusting and inhumane.