Shaky Systems

I was sitting next to a friend at a luncheon and the subject of teachers with guns in schools came up. She, a former teacher, said, “They took the Bible out of the classroom. Then they took paddles away from the teachers. Now they want to give teachers guns.” What’s wrong with this picture? We can’t train students in the knowledge of the Lord and we can’t discipline them, but when failures in these two means of molding character have been withdrawn and we’re suffering from the consequences, we can kill them in self defense.

And now, if news reports may be believed, some schools are putting buckets of rocks in classrooms for students to throw at potential assailants. Clear backpacks. Buckets of rocks. Student ID badges…… And further, reports of some teachers who say they are disgusted to have to teach “conservative” students. Useless conversations and gestures…… tantamount to rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship.

A teacher in 1980 told me, an active parent with a child in a metro public elementary school when I expressed concerns about disciplinary problems in the school and the way in which oversized classes with 2 grades sharing a room was adversely affecting our child, ” You have other options.” Within days our children were put in private school,

When entropy is eroding the system, one hopes there is an option to leave the system.