Tides’ Tentacles Reach For Grassroots

I got a call for phone survey Monday night with a Navarre number. I had been studying and working for hours with a computer system I am now using and needed a break so I took his survey. It was a real mishmash of topics. When finished I asked the caller who was funding it he said he just asked the questions and didn’t know who funded the survey. Are they all over the country or just FL? His answer “all over.”

Well, well, well…… this morning I saw a little news notification blurb about a mega billionaire donor seeking to crush the Chamber of Commerce because it isn’t “green” enough in many states. So i looked it up….Soros’ Tides Foundation… It is targeting large “politically enculturated” (i.e. “liberal”) driven corporations and pressing their executives to withdraw from the US Chamber of Commerce to gut the Chamber’s political financial power. They think people will bend to the will of the Amazons, Targets, sports marketing enterprises, big media, brewing companies, global hotel chains etc…. Using them to get global green tentacles into states’ economic and regulatory mechanisms and twist state governments toward a “green” agenda……. Am I pro-solar farms and roof panels (made in China?), Am I more favorable toward capitalism and profit or socialism?(WHAT??) Do I support “clean water initiatives?” ( It would depend on how onerous and restrictive and costly their regulations are!) Whether I perceive business as being more motivated by welfare and safety of employees or profit? Whether my life is better or worse than a year ago? Do I agree that “Higher education in FL for 5 years in a row is listed #1 in US News and World Reports?” (I told him I’d have to know more about the money behind US News and World Reports and their agenda and political bias before I could say if their opinion is credible since I’m not attuned to Florida’s higher education mechanisms and agendas except to say that there seems to be broad access to FL higher education, if that’s a standard of measure. ) There were a lot of Desantis, Trump, and Biden questions with a little Rick Scott thrown in….(clue? Positioning him for another gov run or Senate run, perhaps? And insight into the money interests behind him?)

My answers must have frustrated him greatly! LOL. Especially when I told him I closed my Amazon account and support “shop local” and businesses that invest in the local community. Every attempt to position questions that support abortion I answered “I’m pro-life and family.” It felt a little like a “cat and mouse” game , “if I can’t catch you this way, let me try another way.”

In the end when I started asking him questions he stammered a bit and closed it down.

It was really fun and insightful, especially with this morning’s article for additional enlightenment. Soros’ son said when he took over the reins that he’s even more political than his Dad and intends to use Soros’ money for liberal causes. It appears he’s targeting getting the US Camber out of his way and going after economically strong states, with Florida at the top of the list.

I have no power to combat political agendas of global billionaires, but I don’t want them using “public opinion” solicited behind hidden agendas to justify it in twisting businesses to cooperate with a global agenda.

I just do what I believe God would have me do daily and trust Him to restrain evil and facilitate good in the world. I’m just a little nobody watching what happens in the world and praying for my family, friends, nation, and world….. and voting with what I hope is an informed mind and conscience.