Discipler of the “Self” in Each of Us

I’ve been blogging now for over 12 years. Prior to that I was a regular journaler. I have a metal trunk full of journals filled with memories……far too many for my feeble brain to retain close to mind. But I cherish them, all of them, even the painful ones. They have been part of the way that Christ has discipled me….through reading the Word and seeking to understand God, myself, and my relationship with others.

I chose the title ” disciplerofself” for my weblog because it is the “self” within me that needed to be discipled and the best choice of mentor for one’s “self” is the one who created it and who knows it best…..Jesus!

JD Walt writes that reading scripture together with others provides the best opportunity for interpretation as the Holy Spirit works among us. Get the Daily Seedbed Awakening Devotional . Join others in discussing the Word every chance you get!