Election overkill….

Every election cycle, in the last few days before the vote, I reach a point of fatigue with the whole thing that makes me want to scream. In recent years there has developed a practice of one side or the other releasing “gotcha” would-be scandal press releases at intervals designed to make maximize use of the 24 hour news cycle. With people’s short attention spans the campaigns’ managers feel compelled, it seems, to do this continuously for the last 4-6 weeks of the campaign in an attempt to shift momentum in hard fought races. Also, there’s one poll after another week after week.

I am so grateful that the superintendants of elections in Florida now open early voting two weeks before election day. I can get there early, vote, and then ignore all the last minute maneuvering by both sides.

This year’s congressional and senate elections seem particularly contentious. It’ll be interesting on Tuesday to see just how many of the prognostications are correct. Already all the lawyers are lining up to wreak havoc in close races. The allegations of fraud have already begun. What a circus our election process has become!