It’s all over again…. until next time

The disappointing results of the congressional elections means that now there will likely be even more conflict, controversy, and partisanship in the house and senate. That actually suits me just fine. I recall hearing a wise person comment on the state legislature in Alabama one time that the more they kept themselves in an uproar, bickering with one another up on “Goat Hill”, the less they could do to hurt the rest of us by passing unwanted or unneccessary legislation. It’s a small comfort, but I’ll take what I can get today.

I’ll pray that, in the absence of statemanship and the ability to do the necessary, hard task of governing rightly, that they will at least be able to rise to the occasion when necessary and respond well to emergencies. That’s about the best I seem to be able to hope for in today’s cynical and corrupt political environment.