Remembering Hurricane Michael


File under “ I don’t think insurance covers that”:

A couple of days after the storm I was attempting to comfort our distressed young male disabled crippled cat. He was not having it and started twisting in my arms. I suddenly realized that one claw of his disabled paw was hopelessly tangled in my favorite zip-front blue gingham gown with big patch pockets and rickrack! The only safe way to disengage him was to cut my nightgown. Boo hoo! Now it has a 2” diameter circular hole. I’m considering a decoratively embroidered patch!

We’ve lost a couple of dozen large flower pots with trees or shrubs in them, smashed by falling limbs. And 2 concrete garden benches and 3 bird baths!

And the plants….. English dogwood, the jasmine covered arbor, princess sago palm, Japanese maple tree, camellias, azaleas, 2 roses, a euonymus, gardenia, ferns, Pacific juniper ground cover, dwarf yews, a shrimp plant, and a variety of bulbs and grasses.

Our stone parking pad by the street chewed up by equipment cutting trees.

Five boxes of items placed for sale at Victory Garden which, sadly, was a total loss. I haven’t been over to see if Melissa Murphy was able to salvage any of Titus’ items in the debris.

And, of course, probably at least a couple of years off my life!


Ever since the storm I’ve had a recurring thought. Hurricanes are natural phenomena created by God as a way to transfer and dissipate heat from the Tropics….. necessary for Earth’s survival. However, the natural realm is as corrupted and broken as the hearts of people and anything in the natural realm can be manipulated by satan against mankind.

Over the last 10 or so years I have observed significant positive changes in the panhandle- changes that have strengthened faith and families. Some hucksters have been exposed and lost their power. New ministries have begun and are having profound impacts . Many things have moved in positive directions.

I think Satan had a temper tantrum and targeted the Gulf Coast with all the fury he could muster. As one storm chasing tree worker said, “ This was a one of a kind S#%! Storm!”

And God said, “Satan has done his best against my people. My hand of protection is on them. Watch how they respond. Watch how I bring good out of what looks like bad.”

I can hardly wait to hear all the stories of God’s goodness and see what God has planned!