“People of Faith”…… A Meaningless Phrase

Every person has a “measure of faith”. Faith is a human capacity to believe in something, anything. It is the object of one’s faith, the thing(s) in which one believes that define and mold one’s faith. We are all “people of faith” in something. Some objects of faith are more enduring and trustworthy than others, however.

What does one do when the object(s) of her faith prove to be fallible, temporary and untrustworthy? Romance, wealth, intelligence, looks, health, a person, a sense of personal strength and invincibility, or a personal belief system? An emotional emergency often ensues. But that can lead the way into spiritual emergence and discovery of the eternal things that mark the life of the spirit…… the human spirit and its connectedness with the Divine Holy Spirit and the spirit of and Holy Spirit within others.