Ken Sande and Four Promises of Forgiveness

In Steps 8 & 9 of the Twelve Step process, individuals are challenged to both forgive and receive forgiveness. Ken Sande, author of The Peacemaker, has some practical ways to make that process easier to accomplish:

“Forgiveness may be described as a decision to make four promises: By forgiving you, I promise that :
1. “I will not dwell on this incident.”
2. “I will not bring up this incident again and use it against you.”
3. “I willl not talk to others about this incident.”
4. “I will not let this incident stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.”
By making and keeping these promises, you can tear down the walls that stand between you and those who have done something wrong to you.”

If there is someone you need to forgive today, why not begin practicing these four promises?