Turtle Herd

Did you know that 2020 is the Year of the Turtle? May 23 has been being celebrated as Turtle Day since 2000 as a way of bringing awareness to conservation of all kinds of turtles. In Florida we are especially blessed to have a diverse population of various species! The University of Florida has some very interesting facts about the species of turtles native to Florida.

I have long identified with some of the characteristics of the turtle, although I am often observed to be more in the mode of the rabbit. I have a young friend who has discovered the joy of communing with turtles this year, feeding them and observing them as he enjoys time with his Mom and other family members beside a pond in his neighborhood. I have decided to share part of my “Turtle Herd” with him and am inducting him into the Turtle Herd, of which I am a member in good standing. Some of you may be candidates for the Turtle Herd, too. If so, feel free to nominate and induct yourself or someone else!

Dear (Enter Name Here),
This is a very special year for people like us. 2020 is The Year of The Turtle.

I am part of the Turtle Herd. We find peace and comfort among others like ourselves.

Like our namesake, we often hide within our own shell, coming out only when we feel safe. We may be quiet and reserved, at least appearing so to others. But turtles care for others, especially their family and friends, with great intensity. We like things with a certain amount of order that makes sense to us and we are far more capable than some people give us credit for.

Turtles like living a simply and happy life. We do not need fame and fortune to be happy, we can be content having a few close friends and family and maybe a few nice things, as well. We like our “space” to be nice and neat and we do not like carrying a lot of excess baggage.

We turtles are complex. We can be hard to get to know. We may hide secret talents, even from those we love. We are sensitive and are reluctant about being judged by others. We can find it hard to subject our innermost expressions to the judgment of others. Showing emotions can be hard, but we also are not so great at hiding them, either.

We turtles are family-first at all times. No matter what kind of relationships we experience growing up, we long for safe and secure family life as a high value. We often treat our closest friends like family, as well, and will rarely so “no” to a friend in need. Those who betray our trust will almost certainly face exile from our fragile and sensitive turtle-selves, at least for a while. However, we can be won over by sincere apologies as long as we believe that this will lead to restoring peace in our lives.

Because we are quiet and sensitive, we often draw hurting and broken people to us. That means we sometimes find ourselves with difficult relationships until we learn to take care of ourselves and not allow others to use or abuse our gentleness. We can have a hard time letting go of those we love. Until we find confidence in ourselves, we may feel that we need to have someone around all the time, but as we grow, we get more comfortable allowing others to come and go, respecting their freedom as much as our own.

We are attracted to libraries, as if we were born to care for knowledge and history. Some of us find great satisfaction working in and seeking refuge in libraries. And while we enjoy learning and being around others who desire and seek knowledge, we appreciate a simpler life and seldom pursue the spotlight.
We are caretakers of nature and of those who appreciate nature the way we do. We enjoy social interaction, but home is still our favorite place and thankfully, since we carry a strong “home” with us on our backs, we can be at home wherever we are!

Welcome to the Turtle Herd, My Friend!  2020- The Year of the Turtle

Loving Sharing Turtle Life with You and Yours,                                                            
Ms. Cathy






2020 Year of the Turtle – Introduction