Healing Tradition of the Church

The Church has a tradition rich in healing power…..Jesus exercised it in a very specialized way, “laomai”. It is one way in which therapeuo (healing) is accomplished. And healing is a part of salvation (restoration). Saddleback Church is planning its second annual conference on “Mental Health and the Church.” Last year’s conference sessions are available on You Tube. Some of us at Lynn Haven UMC are ministering to sick and hurting people in a variety of ways and have the opportunity to do even more through the power of Christ! In intercessory prayer, in counseling, in lay pastoring, in listening, in teaching and preaching, in serving, in caring for others, and in other ways….seeking the wisdom of God!

Sozo – Greek word for salvation – Restoring spirit, soul and body. Used 120 times in New Testament- 3 of those are translated as “healing”.

Therapeuo -Therapeutic – To cure through various ways. Used 48 times in New Testament, 38 of those are translated as “heal”. It may be viewed as a sub-component of sozo. It involves a host of therapies which can be effective in healing the body and therefore could be considered as “Gifts of Healings (1 Cor. 12:28) Other synonyms are “to heal, serve, to care for the sick, to treat, to cure.” . Therapeua is the wisdom of God which releases cures and provides healing and offers a number of approaches for curing sickness, which include miraculous healing and casting out demons, but is not limited to just these two approaches.

Iaomai – One way of healing, Instantaneously and miraculously. Used 38 times in the New Testament and 32 are translated “heal”. The healing approach Jesus used almost exclusively. It involves a release of divine healing power, and is often coupled with casting out demons, overcoming the forces of darkness and manifesting the kingdom of God. Laomai (instant miracles) can be considered a sub-category within Therapeua.