God’s Delights in His Servant

The Lord also says to you in Isaiah 42:1, “Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight.” God takes great delight in you. You give Him great joy. He finds pleasure and satisfaction in your worship and praise. And your obedience brings a smile to His face. Love Him today with all your heart. After all, every day His heart is full of love for you.
– This reminder was observed today in my morning devotional from Joni Eareckson Tada. Such words are wonderfully sweet. Would that all would know the sweetness of feeling delighted in by God! All may….. Consider today that you are loved, you are accepted, you are beautiful. Live into that reality with what you choose to believe and how you choose to live your life. Some say that one creates her reality by what she chooses to believe. Believe the best about God, about yourself, about the world. Yes, there are moments of disappointment in the choice to believe the best about the world and about oneself. But one will never ultimately be disappointed by believing the best about God! We can experience feeling disappointed about God at times, but that results from knowing about Him only minimally or wrongly, not correctly and increasingly well. When you come to know God personally, through a personal relationship with the Incarnate God, Jesus Christ, and grow in your knowledge of His Triune self- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- through His attributes, character, and behavior as revealed in Scripture, you will come to delight in Him, and you will also come to know that He delights in you!