Thy Kingdom Come…..

Some days you’re flying and some days you’re landing in the net……

Some days I fail miserably with Patience. Yesterday it was comical how strenuously God tested my Patience quotient. As exhausting and time consuming as it was, I managed to actually smile through the whole experience. I think the difference was that my time for the day was consciously and intentionally given entirely to whatever God purposed. I was free to give it to the circumstances God put before me without feeling that I was denying someone else something they needed, that my own agenda was being interrupted, or that time was being wasted. I have heard it said that what we view as interruptions are God’s decision that something else is more important. Jesus never seemed to hurry and to bear with interruptions with patience and grace. Hmmmmm…..that may be the key. The hours of each day are entirely God’s…for his purposes and his glory. When God told me years ago to “Just get up each day and do what you do. I will bring them to you.” I think I may have taken “do what you do” too personally, autonomously, and literally….What God may have wanted me to learn to do was to give the day over to what he would direct me to do.” No matter how long I live, study, pray, and learn God keeps teaching me.

“Lord, may I enter this day without hurry.
May I face its emergencies without fear.
May I meet it temptations without dishonor.
May I bear its burdens without complaint.
May I rest at its close without shame.
And this prayer, too, I make to thee:
Let thy kingdom come today in me. Amen”
Anonymous Prayer For The Day

Let they kingdom come today in me……….