Bill’s Personal Theology

From 8/11/2020

Bill Byrd’s personal theology was very much aligned with “grace”. He was quick to share with others the blessing of God’s grace in his life.

“When we get grace, everything else is colored differently. There is no greater gift from God, and therefore no greater gift we can give one another, than the gift of grace toward all that isn’t perfect.

Lewis Smedes, who wrote extensively on the subject of shame and grace, says this:

“Shame is heavy; grace is light. Shame and grace are the two counterforces in the human spirit: shame depresses; grace lifts. Shame is like gravity, a psychic force that pulls us down. Grace is like levitation, a spiritual force that defies gravity. If our spiritual experience does not lighten our life, we are not experiencing grace. . . . The lightness of grace does not lift all the sandbags that drag the spirit down. It lightens life by removing one very dead weight in particular—the weight of anxiety about being an unacceptable person. … It sets loose the lightest feeling of life: being accepted; totally, unreservedly accepted.”

The Art of Holiness blog by Rev. Carolyn Moore- July 15, 2020