Watching Grands Grow….

Aren’t grands wonderful??? Just love seeing them grow and as grandparents we have so much more time and awareness of the joy in doing that than we did with our own children…..This morning I was driving my grandson to basketball practice and glancing at him as we drove, realizing how tall he’s gotten and how his jawline is taking on a more angular look, losing the sweet baby face he’s had. I realized how very beautiful this 11 year old’s eyes are! I asked him if I would embarrass him if I told him what I was thinking. He said no. So I told him, “You have beautiful eyes, Brady, and they just shine when you smile!” He grinned a big metallic grin and my heart just melted! When I dropped him off I asked him if he would be embarrassed to hug his Gigi goodbye in front of his friends.. He said, ‘No” and gave me a sweet hug! What a sweetheart! If I could just keep him 11 for a few years! In that thin line between little boy and young man…..