Exploding Grief

Last Monday I had to go over to the lake house at Deerpoint where Bill and I lived for 16 years. Though I thought I ‘d live there for the rest of my life, after Bill’s death during Covid, it soon became more than I could care for alone.

When I went last week to pick up something shipped there by mistake, I was caught off guard by the rush of memories and longing. Tears and lamenting poured forth as I drove away and for several miles as I drove to my next destination. Eventually I recovered my composure.

I never know when the grief will escape in a sudden explosion of wailing tears.

For all of us who live with grief….

We never get over or beyond grief, it seems, but we can embrace it because grief that lasts honors and reminds us of how truly eternal love is. Let us embrace our grief as the lingering of our loved one with us…..