Come to the Healer

I have recently read Dr. Chauncey Crandall’s “Touching Heaven”. He, a cardiologist and born again Christian, began exploring the many ways of healing- spiritual, physical, mental, relational, etc.- as he began to see the power of God at work among his patients and in the illness and death of his own son. His story is inspiring and motivating. The Lord has called me to the ministry of healing and I have been learning what that means now for nearly a decade. As Crandall says, “After everything that has happened, I’ve learned that my purpose is to treat the sick AND the lost. To discern through the Holy
Spirit what ails them – whether i’s a physical problem or a prevailing sin or spiritual bondage or demonic oppression – and remedy it as best I can with the instruments of the kingdom of heaven. I can’t fix anyone’s sin or bondage, but I know Who will, and so I always want to point people to the Great Physician, Jesus. That is my greatest joy.”

Last week, after several days of unexplained muscle aches, I was contemplating my next steps in assessing what to do about what I had experienced as a multiple-event pattern. over the last year. I was talking to a massage therapist who reminded me that muscles and other physical structures of the body retain a “memory” of long term tension….so when the circumstances are changed and the individual is attempting to de-escalate to a less tension-filled state, the body needs to discharge the retained tension. It’s like all the adrenaline infused in the body tissues/cells and the elevated cortisol level have to go somewhere. As I contemplated our discussion and prayed about how to respond to my body and this perspective, I felt the Lord speak, saying, “Come to the Healer.” So I’ve been praying about this phenomenon and asking God to help me understand it and to bring healing to my spirit, mind, and body. God created us. He knows how to meet our needs through his various healing gifts- medical science, human reason, prayer, his Spirit, supernatural touch, through our senses, and more. Help us all to come to the Healer!