Christmas Gift

So many things remind me of my Daddy. Last night, Christmas Eve, I watched some of the music program from West Point. It was beautiful. Couldn’t help but think about how proud Daddy was of his time spent there as an instructor to cadets. He had a cousin who worked there for years, too. The general in charge asked him to stay on there as an instructor, but his Dad had died and he wanted to be home with his family. He was always about family……Fond memories of being in his Mother’s home as a child at Christmas time….all the cousins, aunts/uncles, presents, cakes and other food, laughter, teasing, playing, fireworks, chocolate candy drops, …. grateful for the memories.
This afternoon Bill and I had gone to our friends home, Mike and LInda Seamon’s, for lunch. When we got home Bill was in the bedroom using the computer. The house was quiet. I dozed off in my recliner. I thought I heard Daddy’s soft footsteps walk across the floor and him softly call my name…..I awoke almost expecting to see him there. It was a sweet thought of him. Guess he’s on my mind more than I realize. I’m glad I can still hear his voice in my mind.