Thinking About a “Word-Shaped World”

God spoke all creation into being.

I was reading a discussion thread about journaling. Many people journal their thoughts about their study of the Bible or about their observations of God at work in the world. In the discussion group individuals were advised to “know the reason for their journaling.”

For me journaling was once a safe place to vent to God, unload my emotional baggage and explore my hidden self. When I became more attuned to myself and God and more willing to be vulnerable and used by God, my journaling became about sharing my journey and what I was learning about God with others.

When I came to know God’s purpose for my life more fully, it became a means of fulfilling that purpose.

I once journaled in hardbound ledgers and kept them locked away for my eyes only. Now I journal in public space and cast it on the waters for God to use as he desires. Whatever value any insight, lesson or example has is in God’s hands.

I love the Word of God and want to help others engage with, explore, and apply it.


To Live in a Word-Shaped World