Small Consolation


In Nov 2013 we experienced a home burglary at the hands of a subcontractor working in our home.. It was a jarring experience that came at a difficult time in our lives when we were already grieving other losses. It was not a moment of opportunity, but a planned and thought out intentional act of theft. In Dec 2014 we were notified that after repeated appearances in court and continuations of the case, he has pled guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to probation and payment of restitution. It is a relief to have this chapter closed. Once the house addition was completed and strangers were no longer coming and going, I was able to regain a sense of safety in our home again. The burglary left me with a very vulnerable feeling. Earlier in 2013 other unknown individuals stole single items from our bedroom, too. Only they and God know who they are (although I do have my suspicions!) Sometimes justice is realized in this realm. Sometimes one will only experience justice before God……and, hopefully, mercy, as well.
This week I received a check from the County Court Clerk’s office that covered about 40% of the reported loss in the form of court- ordered restitution. It was sad comfort to recover the value of a ruby and diamond bracelet Bill had given me for our 40th wedding anniversary ……(the traditional ruby anniversary). While some of the stolen items were located at pawn shops outside of Bay county, thanks to quick sheriff’s deputy response and their contacts across the region, to whom I had to pay the redemption cost to get them back, the ruby bracelet and another garnet bracelet and ring were never located. I expect his girlfriend got those…..


The thief was named John Chancy from the Milton/Crestview area. He is a tile installer contractor. Last I knew he had a warrant in Bay County and I’m guessing the reason I finally got some restitution money is because he got stopped in Bay County again and threatened with a violation for not paying…… I’d really just rather have my bracelets and ring.