Summer days long ago…..

This weekend we had our three oldest grandchildren visiting- ages 12, 10 1/2, and 7. We spent much of the weekend sitting out by the lake where they swam, played on a float, and rode a SeaDoo for hours at the time with their mom and dad.

It brought back happy memories for me. When I was in 4th grade and a few years older, I would visit Lake Blackshear in Georgia with a friend of mine who lived across the street. Her grandparents lived on the lake, in a house not too unlike the one we now live in. They had a floating dock that we could untie and paddle out into the middle of the lake and anchor. We spent many happy Saturdays there playing in the lake.

During those summer days when we weren’t visiting at the lake we would play “kick the tin can” until dark,, which was about 9PM in Georgia, and have marathon canasta games that would last for days. Those were simple and happy years. Later life would get more complicated. But for a few innocent years life was the best of what life in a small town could be.