Taking a breath….

The last time I posted I was just beginning the second semester of seminary classes in my candidacy for deacon. Reading for the class, which has 5 required texts, has occupied much of my free time. Now I find myself at mid-term, having turned in my mid-term exam and taking a few days of respite from the reading. It’s spring break in Alabama and we have grandchildren visiting.

The last month has been especially challenging, personally and professionally. We are moving closer to the groundbreaking of the new, larger Bethel Village program house. I have been contemplating what the new and improved Bethel Village will look like….personnel, scheduling, student duties, programming, etc. It’s somewhat heady considering it all, and daunting at the same time. We are reviewing blueprints, considering flooring, lighting, and other components. This year is going to be quite full of change on that front.

Then, in regard to my other work at the church, there is also a lot going on. We are in the midst of a six weeks’ spiritual growth campaign. It has been accomplished on a somewhat tight timeframe and we’ve all been rather rushed in doing it. It’s going well, thankfully. But once it’s over there are going to be a number of other major changes coming down the line for our church in rather quick succession.And I must confess that I’ve avoided considering their impact on me. There will, undoubtedly, be some.

In recent years I have been learning to trust God more. And with each year I find that, even as I feel that I am trusting him more, there is still always more that challenges me to trust even more. Does one ever get to the place of trusting completely, unequivocably? Does trusting completely mean fear is defeated and love is being perfected?

When I think of trusting God, I recall the song…..

“Only trust Him , only trust Him, only trust Him now.
He will save you, He will save you, He will save you now.”

I have trusted God for salvation. Now I continue to trust Him for sanctification.