Christian “Yoga”

Yoga: THINK Young Over Growing Aged

You know, for years I resisted anything having to do with Yoga, associating it as I have with Eastern meditation techniques and Buddhist or New Age religion, which it has been and which can take one into a dangerous spiritual realm for those who are not well grounded and don’t know how to guard their hearts and minds. But God, after all, created the human body and moving the human body in any configuration of positions and moves that increases flexibility, agility, strength, mobility, and balance is useful, especially as we age. A Christian who is well-versed and grounded in her biblical faith can confidently participate in a movement class that uses yoga-style moves with Christian music, incorporates words of encouragement from a biblical worldview and improves focus and relaxation with prayerful mindfulness. Cinda Trexler’s Meet God On The Mat Class is a wonderful activity that has virtually eliminated pain I was having in my hips that was, upon moving into a more active mode, found to be a simple lack of joint flexibility. I am grateful for her dedication to helping Christians discover and enjoy this spirit-mind-body tool without the influence of non-Christian spiritual influences.