Joan’s Remembrance at Ted’s Funeral….

A friend’s eulogy, written for her husband Ted Lovelace, who passed into life eternal December 29, 2014.  Shared at his funeral by Rev. Brad McLain, Friday, January 2, 2015.

Message from Joan,
I want to thank everyone for coming.
I know some of …you drove a long way and it means so much to me to have you here. It shows your love and admiration for Ted and your support for the family.
It is impossible for me to describe what a wonderful gift God gave me in Ted. I will always treasure the time we had together.
Ted had a special blend of humble strength and a deep love for the Lord and those around him. I can tell you I am a much better person for having him in my life.
Ted always wanted to improve whatever he was doing. He called it “Take it to the next level” he did it in his ministry by reading and studying, starting a TV show, a new HD projector or wherever an improvement could be made. He always thought he could get a little more speed out of that drag car if he just changed this or that. Ted would not take status quo for long. He loved to “Shake things up”
When I first met Ted I had been divorced for several years and never thought I would marry again.
My thoughts were “Men are like parking spaces”.
Have you ever pulled into a busy parking lot and your driving around looking for a good spot? Then you realize all the good ones are taken and the only ones available are either handicap or way out in left field.
That was how I felt about men. I had really given up. But I had forgotten one important thing!
There is another type of parking spot. Reserved Parking!
You know how the doctors or company executive have their reserved spot.
News Flash! God has reserved parking and He had a space waiting just for me!
Ted was my reserved spot. Ted was everything I could want in a husband, friend and spiritual leader.
Not many men would move in their mother-in-law and love her and care for her the way he did. I will be forever grateful for that. I am not saying Ted was perfect, but he was perfect for me.
Ted’s passing was sudden and some may say he went before his time.
Would I have liked to have more time with him? YES! Some things we just don’t understand right now.
I am learning to trust in the Lord more and more. One thing I have learned, God is really good at timing.
The Bible says in Romans 5:6 You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.
Christ didn’t come too early and He didn’t come too late. He came at just the right time. God is always on time.
Life is fragile and the days go by so quickly.
Love people deeply and live for Christ.
In the end that is all that really matters.
God Bless you and thank you.
Joan Lovelace