Return To The Past

June 24, 2016……Some days when I read memories from previous FB posts, I wish I could go back in time.. at least for a few moments….

“The Lord is gracious and kind, ever encouraging and comforting. I am so blessed to know and be known by Christ, to have godly friends and a husband who fears and worships the Lord, loves me, and is a co-worker in ministry. I am in the best place in life I have ever been. Reasonable goals are in place for the near future to be accomplished toward which to work and I have the satisfaction of seeing God work in the lives of women he has entrusted to our care. We have instructors and board members who provide wonderful advice and support. So many things are going well and giving me many reasons to rejoice and praise God! I think I need to go play through the hymnal or my classical piano book to release some of this bubbling contentment and joy…….wish I could can it for a day when the storms are raging! LOL!”