Silver Anniversary Remembered

26 years ago today-(July 22,1997)

This was our 25th wedding anniversary, celebrated at my parents’ home in Georgia, near Newnan and Peachtree City…with our sweet little rescue terrier mix, Abby. The fact that we made it through that particular year was truly a gift from God as it was the most challenging year of our marriage.


Bill died Aug 6, 2020 just 15 days after our 48th anniversary. I am so profoundly grateful to God that Bill had a deeply personal relationship with Christ. He was in a small group with other men all those last 29 years, too, after our lordship surrender of our souls to Christ happened in the 20th year of our marriage. It made all the difference as our family grew up and we aged. I do t think we could have made it through that 25th year if it hadn’t been for the powerful way in which acid worked in both our lives in the 30th year of our marriage!

Bill’s faith and relationship with Christ has been a powerful continuing comfort and strength in my life as a widow. I’ve had some wonderful dreams of Bill with Christ and the memories of our life together are sustaining my joy.  That soul transforming work by the Lord happened in my life 8 months before it happened in his and the Lord had given me a vision of us serving Him together, which became a reality the next year. I am forever grateful to The Lord for pursuing us both and being the third cord in a strand that cannot be broken.