Learning to Listen to God……

When I was about 7, it was my birthday, I believe. This would have been February 1961. Several friends were over. (I didn’t get a record player until Christmas of that year.) We were on the back patio of our home listening to WBAM radio….Joe Rumore’s program….. and dancing, I think. I reached to change the station and Joe Rumore’s signature radio tag line blared out, “Unh, unh, unh…Don’t you touch that dial!” I must have jumped 3X my height, backwards, toward the edge of the patio….It seemed to me as a 7 year old that Joe Rumore was “seeing” me through space to Cuthbert, Georgia from Montgomery, Alabama somehow. It scared the bejesus out of me! I started to cry, until everyone else started laughing. Then I laughed, too.

I had said earlier today on a post that not much surprises me these days…..Well, leave it to God to step right up to that challenge!

I have been working all summer on organizing files, file cabinets, notebooks, curriculum resources, etc. in my office at Titus 2. A board member had been reviewing a prospective curriculum resource notebook for me on “Life Skills”….an accumulation of a variety of skills and assorted information that adult women managing a household and raising children should know. She had returned it to me recently with her nod of approval for the concept. Today as I was going through it and a stack of miscellaneous papers, I thought to myself, “I really should think about starting a list of all the categories of lifeskills that I want to include in this resource notebook before I get too much more bogged down in the process of collecting and trying to organize them. It wasn’t 30 seconds later, as I sifted through a stack of miscellany that I came across a single page labeled, “Essential Life Skills and Coping Techniques.” I honestly do not ever remember doing this page, but the words and phrases are clearly mine. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I realized I had just put my hand on what I had just told myself I needed. I think God must have been laughing and I began laughing, too! I’m thinking he’s given his nod for me to go ahead and complete this curriculum resource!