Priorities, Plain and Simple

I have decided that my priorities are very easy to discern these days. Go to as few meetings as possible. Pray with anyone anytime. Trust God to provide what’s needed. Spend oneself on behalf of others. Smile at children and call them by name.

A whole lot of things I was doing bore no fruit …… like trying to change people’s minds, trying to get people to attend and get involved at church, trying to tell people in agencies associated with governments of man why Christian discipleship faith-based recovery is valuable.

I accept that at 641/2 I am viewed as largely irrelevant and past my prime. I have no empire to build, no legacy to assure, no novel gift to offer. But I know God is not done with me. I am reminded daily of his words to me. “Get up everyday and do what you do and I will bring them to you.” And he does. He also told me, “i don’t need more clever wordsmiths. I desire faithful teachers.” And so I teach……one or two at the time, whenever and however they will listen.