What’s Next?

Titus 2 Partnership, Inc. has had a wonderful first year. We have been grateful for the blessings we have observed.   As we have reviewed the last year and contemplated the “next steps”, some have said, “Are you going to open a second home?” The answer is “No.” This is the size of ministry that I can manage with the limitations of an all-volunteer group. Although we have good support from a number of volunteers, they are, first and foremost, all volunteers, including me. That means that personal or family conflicts or priorities that arise take precedence. Classes have to be cancelled. Events have to be rescheduled. Even when that happens, however, the students in residence have to be nurtured and taught. With the number of women we have in residence, I alone CAN do that on a short term, as needed basis. I have to postpone administrative work when that happens. And many times I have to rearrange my own schedule.

We have a vision and mission in place for Titus 2 that is working. Women’s needs are being met. God is bringing resources and people into place that have allowed us to accomplish the goals that have been set.

Some of my personal goals, particularly with regard to ordination as a deacon, have been moved to a lower priority, as I have sought to stabilize the physical facility, standardize volunteer training and assignments, implement revisions to curriculum resources, get systems in place to manage the financial and administrative workload, and more. I have technical demands (interviewing and evaluating applicants, teaching, counseling, writing, preparing). I have managerial demands (scheduling, overseeing financial support, protecting legal and financial status, developing donor base, responding to supporters, working with the board of directors, public relations, and more). And I have visionary demands (action in an advocacy role on behalf of marginalized women within systems and in the public, speaking on behalf of mental health and physical well-being to civic groups, providing education about the process of transformation and Christian education as a means of healing various life-limiting dysfunctions, and more.)

This last year’s endeavor has been a testing ground for me and for the church to which I belong. I think we are seeing sufficient beneficial results that there will be outcomes and opportunities that far exceed what even I can imagine. God’s presence and favor have been evident. Prayer has been abundant.

Sometimes one’s efforts in one direction are postponed….as in the case of vocational goals with regard to ordination and a “career” in ministry. But God has had a plan. Proving that this model for Christian education, discipleship, and mentoring is a viable one for life recovery of marginalized women may have been God’s goal ……demonstrating that a group of professional and lay volunteers can take little in the way of resources and make much headway in Kingdom building and life transformation in an area where so much work needs to be done!

The video below talks about some of these issues. I think that we have weathered the first year well and are in position to make significant gains in a stable, long term ministry to women. Case management to families in other venues (church, The ARK) and now, renewing the Depression Impact Group for women are ways to continue the impact of healing ministry without stretching to limits that we can’t sustain. We invite you to be a part of what God is doing at Titus 2 Partnership!