Miracles Happen Every Day

” If a miracle happened and the problem you have was solved overnight, how would you know it was solved, and what would be different?”

This question is known as the “Miracle Question” and is a well-known technique used in Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), developed by Shazer and Berg. SFT is future oriented, goal directed, and emphasizes solutions rather than problems within therapy.”

A focus on solutions activates clients’ imagination, trains executive decision-making skills, and encourages individuals to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting to visualize a life without their daily stressors and begin to identify solutions to their problems. It seeks to identify and engage internal and external resources that are already present or that can be readily accessed for formulating solutions.
It takes a non-knowing approach and empowers clients to be the experts of their own lives, developing a collaborative relationship between therapist and client.
Sometimes a miracle is waiting in the wings and is simply waiting to be invited into being present with us!