Singing Psalm 23

Years ago the Lord put a tune in my heart and taught me to sing Psalm 23 to the tune. Later I discovered that the tune is the Welsh Blessing and it is in one of the older UMC hymnals with the hymn lyrics “Sent Forth By God’s Blessing.”

The Lord put that tune in my mind at one point and I just kept humming it for weeks, then all of a sudden the words of Psalm 23 “dropped” into the tune. I wrote them down as I was singing it and I located the music somewhat through chance, when I heard a UMC children’s curriculum DVD playing in a children’s Sunday School class I was teaching in 1995 with the song “Sent Forth By God’s Blessing.” That sent me looking for it in the various hymnals we had at the church.

If we are seeking to worship the Lord with all of who we are and we have any musical training at all, worship can evolve this way. I took 8 years of piano as a child and can play most anything in the hymnal with a little practice. God uses music to speak to me and encourage my heart in times of sadness and also to ground me in times of excessive exuberance!
I thought someone might appreciate this.

Let God put a new song in your heart…. even if the tune is familiar and the words are borrowed from another….