There may be multiple ways to be ordained as clergy. But being ordained as a deacon, however it is accomplished, is not nearly as important as simply being obedient to God. And I have believed for 10 years that I was being obedient to God in following this call!

On March 5, 2018 I, Cathy Byrd, completed my requirements for Deacon Ordination through Christian Leaders Institute and became associated with Christian Leaders Alliance as an ordained deacon. CLI and CLA are committed to the development of equipped ministry revival leaders in their local communities, many of them bi-vocational clergy, who are preaching and teaching in local churches and schools, working as chaplains, starting a variety of new ministries (much like Titus 2 Partnership, Inc.!) , and engaging in enterprise ministry through small businesses and professions in a variety of places. Their model provides low-cost training in many languages across the globe and connects ordained ministry leaders through the Christian Leaders Alliance global directory. I will be attending a gathering of CLI graduates in Atlanta, Ga., on 4/16/18. I am delighted to have accomplished this goal in obedience to God’s call on my life on behalf of those served through my work in Bay County, Florida. Thank you for your prayers and support over the last 10 years as I have worked toward ordained deacon ministry!

The bowl and pitcher is an emblem of the deacon’s ministry and a reminder of Christ’s call to serve one another as Christ himself served his disciples by washing their feet.

Below is an enameled foot washing bowl from Antioch Baptist Church in Barbour County, AL, where I was born and an enamel pitcher that I purchased to go with it. This week, another lovely pottery pitcher arrived at my mailbox at Lynn Haven United Methodist Church from an anonymous giver. This post is my first announcement of having completed this goal, so I can only imagine that God put it on someone’s heart as an affirmation and celebration of completing the deacon ordination work. The foot washing picture is of a painting that hangs in an office at Crestview UMC, where I did some of my training prior to leaving the provisional deacon residency of The UMC.