Watching God work……

I have often been surprised by the way in which God works things out. There are times when His way is so unexpected. That has been the case recently as I have watched Him work out discord between two people.

I knew that I was not in any way to be an instrument of reconciliation in the situation and had some time ago given it over entirely to God, knowing that if reconciliation were to happen, it would absolutely have to be by His hand and according to His timing.

It is such a privilege to see God work in the situation, and within some of the most unexpected circumstances, little of which would have been foreseeable when it all started.

It is humbling to realize what a truly awesome God we have, who is both tender and disciplining. He chastises us when necessary, but allows us to save face, too, in some respects. He is our Strong Defense and Generous Provider.

I am so grateful for the close first hand observance of this work by the Prince of Peace.