Another feline in the family…..

After our 10 month old female feline, Dora, disappeared a few weeks ago, her brother, Diego, seemed lonely. Our two older outdoor cats would come and go and basically ignore him. He’d wander around the house, at times seeming to be looking for her. It was sad.

Last Friday I had a brainstorm and remembered that there are generally always kittens around at the mission. So I went by there and found that yes, there was a little grey male that they called “Little Bit”, about 6-7 weeks old. He looked healthy and happy. I scooped him up and asked the guys if I could give him a new home. They agreed that it would be best for the kitten. So we introduced Little Bit to our household Friday night. We kept him cloistered in the den for the evening and the next day and introduced Diego to him. Diego seemed interested, but Little Bit was just frightened initially. By Sunday, though, the two were getting better acquainted. Today, Tuesday, my husband tells me they were playfully tusseling in the sunroom on the rug. Yeah! Sucessful adoption! The other two older outdoor cats have sniffed and dismissed the youngster. But Diego has hung around all afternoon and evening with Little Bit and the two of us.

We love our pets and they are a source of endless entertainment and companionship to us both. This afternoon Little Bit caught sight of a reflection from my watch and chased it for about 10 minutes as I moved it around the floor and wall. Dora and Diego had engaged in the same kind of playful behavior at that age. We hope that Little Bit will be a companion to Diego and that the two of them will stay close to home for us to enjoy, too! He’ll be visiting the veterinarian in a few days for his shots. We’re back to a full house of pets.