Pitchers, Practical and Fun

I like pitchers. I must have 18 or more of different sizes and types. These two are favorites that get used daily. The green one is a quart size. I discovered that I can take two Crystal Light 16 oz. serve pouches and mix flavors- raspberry and lemonade or orange and white grape or tea and peach- and get refreshing drinks each day to enjoy! The other one is pint sized and I use it to fill the coffee pot each morning. It sits on a tray that holds all of the coffee fixin’s. Both of these were vintage treasures found at an antique/flea market in Dothan, AL on a shopping trip with my bestie, Pammie Nevins. She gave me the blue one, knowing as she does, my love of anything blue!
These are two red tea pitchers that I use when we have company. I have a couple of different sets of red glasses. Can you guess which pitcher holds sweet tea and which holds unsweet? Just for fun…..

 The green Blenko glass water pitcher on the left is similar to one Bill’s Mother had when we got married. The green jar has the word “water” pressed in down one side and measurements on another side….used to measure and mix juices or other items. The lid says to refrigerate. Just for fun….